By Amanda McNaughton

I am very excited to start this next chapter of my career.  I feel that I have much more to give and decided this was the best way to get my message and information to everyone who needs it.

Our body works in amazing ways and when we are born we are given everything we need to heal ourselves.  Isn’t that incredible?  However, as we get older, we may think that we lose some of that ability to heal through wear and tear, trauma, stress, injury and illness.  Some people choose to accept that, with age, comes pain and discomfort.  They slowly stop doing the things they love and eventually no longer enjoy life.  I believe it is never too late to improve your quality of life. 

“I believe it is never too late to improve your quality of life.”

 I attended a chronic pain management conference recently and it blew my mind.  There are many recent studies on pain and how to minimize its affects on someone’s life.   With these studies, healthcare practitioners have developed new ways to improve the life of people living with pain.  I truly believe that everyone can live the life that they have imagined.   Through massage therapy, reiki, fitness and education.  I believe I can assist you through your journey to that life.

So here is the question I want to ask you…  What brings you joy?   Is it gardening, playing with grand kids, spending time with friends and family, walking outside, hiking, playing recreational sports?  Are you able to do these things and enjoy your life. If not I would love the opportunity to try to help.